The Fair Frontier

An eventful story full of politics and porn‚ art‚ scientific experiments‚ love and terrorism.

The fair forntier was written piece by piece. There was no expectation of becoming a short story and be published! The first chapter was written differently from the second one. First the intermedios then the story. The whole text is obsessed with sex and politics‚ with family and relationships. It flirts with the science fiction and experiments with the genderd grammar of the greek languadge. In other respects it is the story of a young woman‚ her girlfriends and lovers‚ during her first post-adolecence years in an after-uprising era.

After a series of intense social uprisings‚ the Priviledged’s long and unfair goverment ends and the un-Priviledged are taking over the power in a succession of countries. The Fair Frontier‚ the net that includes those countries‚ is extending across a wide area of the Mediteranean‚ the Balcans‚ Europe‚ Africa‚ Turkey and Middle East‚ Now‚ in Selania‚ the capital of Paitra‚ the era of Restructuring‚ that came after the riots‚ is being inaugurated as the era of Stability.

None of those political upheavals come without casualties as well known attrocities were happening again‚ but the official sites of the Police were saying nothing about it. At the same time secret experiments are being held at the basements of the old opera diva’s big house‚ at the city center‚ on the guidance of people’s behaviour. Lucy‚ a basic member of the assemply of Selania‚ one of the first postuprising assemplies‚ while trying to find out what is happening becomes a sex worker and follows the actions of the secretive operation named Force Against Promiscuity and Commercialisation. She will break up with her girlfriend and with her comrades and the most beloved of her lovers she will try to put an and to rising of conservatism...