Political Fatties

| Political Fatties: Aspects of Fatness as a Political Identity |

Political Fatties is an assembly of four fatties, four fat female presenting persons who talk to each other for fatness as an experience and as a political identity, both in Greece and Netherlands.

The Fatties met and introduced to each other in early 2016 during a skype meeting where they ate cupcakes and decided to organize the first-time-ever-in-Greece event concerning fatphobia and fat politics. They rolled up their sleeves, travelled to Athens and curated a carte blanche hosted by Outview Film Festival, including a program of short films talking about fatness and also a panel talk and Q&A with the following description:

It is time to address the elephant in the room: Fatness is NEITHER funny NOR a sign of failure, and it is definitely NOT disgusting. Fatphobia is what is disgusting, and everyone’s apparent to negatively comment on fat bodies.  This panel is a conversation between four feminine-presenting fat people about the politics of fatness in Greece and the Netherlands. Through sharing personal experiences we will explore the political, social and emotional consequences of being fat in a fat phobic world. We will discuss questions like:

  • How does fatness impact sexuality and how does it intersect with sexism, ableism and racism?
  • What does fat phobia in the medical establishment look like and why is everyone so concerned with our health?
  • Why do perfect strangers feel they have the right to tell us that we would be really beautiful if we would just lose 5 kilos?
  • What if fatties stopped  apologising for their existence and linked arms in a fatty chain, promising to DEVOUR fatphobes alive?
  This cute book  it is a bilingual publication from Queer Ink, which includes thefatty talks, as performed on April of 2016. Bonappétit! Political Fatties
Contributors: Sofia Apostolidou, Hodan Warsame, Foteini Kakari, Vassiliki Lazaridou