Queer Ink is a publishing initiative aiming at producing, publishing and promoting printed and electronic material around feminist and queer politics and expression. 

It is a platform producing and promoting innovative literary works that focus on the experience of gender variant individuals and sexual minorities. It was founded in 2016 by researcher Phoebus Dousos and the support of the “Start – Create Cultural Change”. Queer Ink’s main goal is to promote of new writers whose work does not fit the traditional norms of existing publishing houses, either due to their subject matter or because of their innovative form. In 2018 Nikos Mochi Georgiou took over the project by initiating a series of slam poetry events aiming to create a new queer scene in Athens and promote queer poets and writers through performative poetry and through the mini queer art book fair that takes place in every event. Queer Ink aspires to publish books and other publications that discuss not only the political aspect of its subject matter but also literary expression that comes from sexual, gender variant and marginalised groups. We aim to build a community that will support its members’ creativity and will advocate the results of this creativity to a broader audience. . Queer Ink has published six books, and hosted more than 15 poetry slams in Athens, introducing a new generation of queer poets and bringing together a diverse group of performers, academics and writers. In 2019, Queer Ink hosted the international conference ‘what is queer writing?’ initiating an international discussion around experimental queer writing.